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pain points

Solving Stakeholders' Needs

Managing Climate Risks

Obtaining reliable sustainability data is a challenge, with manual collection processes being tedious and vexing for both customers and their relationship managers alike.

Calculating Net Zero Alignment

Poor data lends to bad tracking and ill-informed decisions that invite greenwashing risks and loss of stakeholder confidence.

Capitalising on Opportunities

Business and product teams lack accurate and timely data to power sustainable finance products that can capitalise on growing demand.

Managing Regulatory Reporting

Significant time spent gathering data and filing forms, to keep pace with the complex multi-geographical regulatory landscape.

Tracking ESG Performance
of Supply Chains

Gathering consistent and reliable ESG data from complex multi-faceted supply chain entities is a tremendous challenge.

Future-proofing for the
Green Economy

The ability to swiftly identify opportunities while safeguarding business resiliency, will differentiate businesses in a sustainability-driven global economy.

Mounting calls for
ESG Accountability

Growing pressure from customers, business partners and financiers to baseline your sustainability performance and commit to improvements.

Complexity and Costliness of
ESG Reporting

Inertia due to limited inhouse resources and knowhow, while external solutions are costly and time-consuming.

Accessing ESG-related
Resources and Opportunities

Limited ability to capitalise on ESG-related resourcing, grants, business and market penetration opportunities.

how does it work?

ESG Disclosure Process

Measure what truly matters to your company with our sustainability packs.

Select from our carefully curated library of pre-built global ESG standards and frameworks based on your ESG use cases. Easily push requests to your portfolio companies.

Data collection and auto-filled answers - we'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Seamlessly pull trusted ESG data from our ecosystem of data partners. Enhance accuracy and efficiency in your reporting though auto-population.

Answer qualitative questions like an expert with our sustainability AI.

Our AI helps you navigate the knowledge gaps in your sustainability journey - answer qualitative questions about your companies’ ESG risks, identify areas for improvement, all at your convenience!

Take action and unlock benefits towards a better ESG future!

Access education resources.
Get recommended solutions via our marketplace.
Control how you share your data with banks, investors, MNCs, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Empower your decisions with a holistic view of your portfolio and tailored insights.

Our platform transforms your ESG portfolio into actionable intelligence. Whether it's spotting trends, benchmarking against peers, or pinpointing areas of concern, we've got you covered.